Instruments - Tribometer (rotating) | TRIBOM001

Tribometer (rotating)

The rotating stage Tribometer allows users to measure frictional forces over short and long timescales. Simply input your velocity (0.01 - 100 mm/s) and number of passes (1-10,000,000). Operating in Open Loop, apply your desired normal load (0 - 100 N), and away you go!

Accessories included are (i) adaptors for attaching M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6 screws for probe mounting, (ii) 5 g weight x 1, (iii) 10 g weight x 1, (iv) 20 g weight x 2, (v) 50 g weight x 2.

Optional accessories include customised probes, a liquid chamber, and a video camera.

Optional accessories

Customised probes (TRIBOM-CP)

Liquid chamber (TRIBOM001-LC)

Video camera (VC-1)

Example uses

Friction measurement

Lubrication analyses

Wear tests